20160902_202659The aesthetic photos of this Island is driving everyone to travel here. It was my first time to Mykonos with my family earlier this year in June, although June isn’t the very best weather to visit the Island as it was pretty windy but we never like the Hot weather either so we had the best time! We stayed there for JUST 2 days, I know it sounds very less but we managed to cover every important spot there!

We chose to stay at the Mykonos Grand Hotel and Resort which was stunning, had the perfect combo of great staff, scrumptious food, lovely atmosphere, and a small beach for the ultimate holiday! The resort is around 10-15 mins drive away from the Mykonos Town and they have a free shuttle that leaves from the resort after every 30-40 mins which is Awesome.

Terrace of the Grand Suite
Mykonos Grand Hotel and Resort

For the First day we spend most of the afternoon chilling by the room terrace. Then loved the quick evening trip into the Town walking on those tiny little winding stone floors amongst bright white buildings and coloured doors. There are lots of local and luxury shops to look at and cute little restaurants to eat in- I loved the Casa Di Giordio for a mouth-watering Italian Meal which was very close to ‘Little Venice’ speaking of which ‘Little Venice’ is inside the town lovely to walk around and get some awesome pictures with the windmill taverns and of course the Incredible Sunset (which is a must watch)!!!

Casa Di Giorgio (Pic Courtesy- Casa Di Giorgio)
Mykonos Town



‘Little Venice’
Sunset-Mykonos Town

The next day, we took a Jeep Ride (the island falls short of ordinary taxi so they have Jeeps, exciting enough?!) to the Paradise Beach (15 minutes away from the hotel) where you get to enjoy the best parties of town, there are several bars and restaurants along side the beautiful beach- My favorite was Guapaloca which had been playing the best music since I don’t drink I judged the bars on the basis of music and the ambience. You also have an option of going to the Super Paradise Beach which was just about 10mins boat ride from Paradise beach for a more clearer and less crowded beach but the I preferred the Paradise Beach (there was more to do here).

Paradise Beach

Now like us if you prefer having Indian Food for at least one of your meals, don’t worry I have you sorted. Just 5 minutes up the road from Paradise Beach there is Indian Palace (also called Jaipur Palace) serving the perfect Indian Meal (it was ahhhhh delicious *mouth waters*)!!

We had the most glorious time there and I would love to go back sometime again!
Check out my other blog post where I have elaborated about how amazing the hotel and the rooms there were and specially our breath-taking Room Terrace *Love Struck* !!!

Also stay tuned for my next blog post! Till then Take Care! xo


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