Hi, I am Tanya Aggarwal, 23 living in New Delhi, India and about this Blog; Me and family (includes my Parents, 2 younger brothers) are fortunate enough to travel each year even twice or thrice a year sometimes to different country or countries.

We are very passionate about traveling we consider it as a huge project as we like to do our own days of research, sitting on the internet reading dozen of reviews (which often escalates the excitement for the approaching trip).

So I thought of sharing my days of research with you all and all my real time experiences!

On this Blog I want to pen down my thoughts for all to read along with some pictures of my holidays! I am going to give you an overview of the cities/countries we have travelled so far, about our experiences of hotels we have stayed in, commenting on their staff service, atmosphere, and the rooms. I will also be suggesting the restaurants we loved eating at. Would also write about hotels that were also as fab as the one we stayed in or even better than those. All the must visit places around the city.

There is nothing better than learning from the experiences of others you know *winks*

Caution- You might be urging to pack your bags soon after reading this blog!


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