As serene as Santorini


We had been procrastinating our trip to Greece for quite some time. And when you finally go to Greece, you need to see both Islands, thats exactly what we did!!! Mykonos (read my previous posts) and Santorini are the top tourist islands in Greece. We stayed in Santorini for 2 days (yes, it might not sound like a lot but I thought it was quite sufficient)! We took an hour long speed-ferry from Mykonos to Santorini. We booked Andirons Boutique Hotel which is in Oia.


Andronis Boutique Hotelimg_5434




Can you spot the crowd in this picture that gathered around for watching Sunset.

Oia (a village located on top of a hill) about 30 minutes drive from Thira Port, it was something I had never seen before and I don’t think there is any other place like Oia. All the hotels there were small built under greek architecture. I loved how the town(Oia) was all so coordinated with every building being white and blue which is the most fascinating and unique thing about Santorini ! It’s such a brilliant experience to be walking on the stoned floors everywhere. To be surrounded with a distinctive infrastructure of white washed blue domed Churches, the charming and traditional Cycladic houses and Cave houses that are carved into the rock is something one can never forget. Oia is set in a location which provides the most stunning views of the sunset over the Caldera, speaking of which for our first day we went to experience the Sunset. There are so many places from where you can watch the sunset. It was recommended to go all the way to the end of Oia road by the church, but we weren’t ready for how crowded it was. Anyway it was a beautiful site watching the Sun sink into the Blue Sea. Later we wandered around the town which is packed with high end shops and cafe’s along with a lot of local shops. There was a Gelato place right outside our Hotel where I loved the Salted Caramel.


The night after this we all headed into Fira where we had booked a Private Yacht Cruise for the day to show us around the Island. It was a 5 hours cruise called the Lagoon 500 sunset Cruise which took us around first the Red Sand Beach then Hot Springs for swimming and Mud Bath (a natural one, obviously) and at last stopping below Oia village for watching the sunset from the best point on the Island. The Yacht was really cool, had a barbeque on board, light snacks prepared on board with choices of drinks and also 2 rooms incase you want to take a nap (which we used as a changing room). It stopped at various stops for snorkeling (snorkel equipment provided on board). Snorkeling according to me is the most surreal experience, you know diving into the deep blue ocean there is nothing like it! We had an adventurous second day in Santorini. After the cruise we headed straight back to our Hotel. The hot tub was the perfect way to relax after an exciting day! 

Inside the Yacht (Pic Courtesy- Sunset Oia Sailing Cruise)






Snorkel Spot
Hot Spring and Mud Bath
Oia Sunsetimg_2279



Santorini is a small and immensely crowded but exceptionally photogenic and beautiful all the same. There is no place like Santorini!!  Follow my Blog to get notified when I post my next blog- More details about the Luxury Boutique Hotel we stayed in!

Thanks for reading! Until my next post take care! xo


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