Andronis Boutique Hotel- Know More About

After Going through the positive reviews online about Andronis Boutique Hotel, we were really excited as we had never stayed in a boutique hotel before. When we reached the hotel we were S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E-D (I didn’t want to say shocked ) by the TINY-est main entrance that lead to another TINY-est Hotel Reception which was actually a room with just one desk (I mean what were we even expecting -Oia is a very small town).     Something that justified the hotel’s rating were the view, which were just Spectacular I don’t have words to describe how serene it felt. All the hotel rooms were going down the cliff whereas the Reception and rest of the town were on the cliff. So we had to climb (there were no elevators or escalators) all the way down to our rooms, and we got rooms scattered on different cliff levels( floors) which was initially fun and we had a great laugh over how we were all over the hotel! Now the question is how did our luggage reach us -Yes, the hotel porters had to carry all our luggage on their shoulders!

Pic Courtesy- Andronis Boutique Hotel
Main Pool Of the Hotel
Stairway to Prestige Suite
Top view of Signature Suite with an Infinity Plunge Pool

However, rooms their were really EXCLUSIVE. All the rooms were conceptualized around CAVES (especially the bathrooms) which gave the hotel a very traditional touch along with offering luxury. The hotel offered breathtaking views from every window, each room had a stunning view of it own overlooking the blue water of the Aegean Sea! 

We booked a Prestige Suite, a Signature Suite and 2 Classic Suites for 11 people (we were traveling with my uncle and his family). They were all very stunning rooms. Prestige Suite is the biggest suite offered in the hotel which has an Infinity Pool with an outdoor heated Jacuzzi in its private balcony. The room featured a walk-in-closet area which I felt was very classy. Signature Suite was also very lavish, very similar to the Prestige Suite just being a bit smaller in size. It had an Outdoor Heated Decked Plunge Pool in its private balcony. Classic Suites were smaller in size but they also featured a small outdoor Jacuzzi. The bathrooms in all rooms were very similar in terms of size and design. 

Hotel had only one Restaurant and Bar- Gastronomy adjoining the Main Hotel Pool area. We weren’t very impressed by the hotel’s restaurant. It was pretty small(again- we were expecting too much from Oia in terms of sizes) also they couldn’t cater to our special meal requirements and didn’t offer us variety.

Prestige Suite (Picture Courtesy- Andronis Boutique Hotel)
Closet of Prestige Suite (Pic Courtesy- Andronis Boutique Hotel)
Prestige Suite’s Private Pool (Pic Courtesy- Andronis Boutique Hotel)
Bathroom in Classic Suite (Pic Courtesy-Andronis Bouurtiqe Hotel)
Signature Suite (Pic Courtesy- Andronis Boutique Hotel)
Pool of the Prestige Suite
Balcony Of the Prestige Suite


Hotel Pool adjoining the Restaurant (Pic Courtesy- Andronis Boutique Hotel)

20160612_065438.jpgIt was a unique experience, something we will never forget! I would recommend this hotel to those who are lovers of Boutique Hotels. Even though the rooms were extraordinary the service of the hotel wasn’t all fun, it was slow! Honestly for the price payed we weren’t entirely  satisfied. I would say mainly because we had high expectation. Having said that Oia doesn’t have any modern hotels and Andronis is among the very few 5 star hotels there and is rated one of the best luxury hotels.

Other Hotel Recommendation – Canvas Oia hotel and Resort (it was fully booked during our visit) it’s build under the same architectural concept of Andronis Boutique Hotel. 

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Thanks for reading! Until my next post take care! xo


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